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Fire Alarms and Reporting Systems

We specialise in all types of fire alarm system from a simple conventional system, for smaller premises, to an intelligent addressable systems, for larger more complex buildings. As an alternate to hard wired systems we can provide a wire-free system ideal for solving problems in listed or temporary buildings.

All the processes from design to maintenance are carried out in accordance with the BAFE SP203 scheme, guaranteeing British Standards are met, and ensuring the quality of your system every step of the way.

An important fact is that all systems supplied by Phoenix Alarms are ''Open protocol'' which means that any software required to work on the system is available to any service company with the necessary training.

Many companies will sell you a system, but will not tell you that the software is exclusive to them; therefore if you need to re-configure or add to the system, you will not be able to unless you go to them, and pay a premium price. Which means although the initial installation cost may seem inviting you are tied to that Company and their prices for the life of the system.

With a system supplied by Phoenix Alarms you are in control, because once you have chosen to use us we are sure that you will stay with our service and maintenance package, not because you have to but because we offer excellent service at a competitive price.

Simply contact us for your free no obligation quotation.

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