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Wireless Radio Fire Alarms

We provide a complete package, from a free radio survey, onto design, installation and commissioning through to routine maintenance.

FirePoint is a full analogue addressable fire detection system with a set of features that make it one of the most advanced fire detection systems available - and without the need for cable. It meets all the requirements of BS5839 part 4 & EN54/2, ensuring your risk is professionally covered. The sensors have no visible aerials and are low profile, aesthetically pleasing designs.

When installing protection in historic buildings the fabric of the building must not be damaged or altered, thereby effectively eliminating the use of wired systems. Radio based wire-free systems are the only practical solution.

Providing protection in and around the building site is a difficult and costly task due to the ever changing environment.

Radio technology provides an attractive and cost effective solution that can easily be adapted as the building develops.

Once the building is complete the system can be moved to the next site and re-used - not something that can be easily achieved with a wired system.

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