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Room Integrity Testing

room integrity testingThe application of a gas suppression system requires that the room space including any voids covered, are adequately sealed to contain the weight of gas within the space for the required period of time against an allowable leakage rate.

The means to test the room for leakage is by a Room Integrity Door Fan Pressure Test means. A calibrated and certified axial flow fan is fitted into a seal that fills the opened door frame space.

By running the calibrated fan at a certain speed thus generating pressure into / out of the enclosure, and by monitoring the pressure differential within and external to the room, that flow rate is actually measured, data inputted to software together with the protected height and the weight of gas ( FM200 / FE25 / Novec 1230 or Proinert / Argonite / Inergen, and a descending interface height hold time, or mixing concentration result is obtained.

If the room is sufficiently sealed then a pass is achieved. If the room has excessive leakage, then a fail is recorded and the room requires further sealing and a retest until a pass is achieved.

This test is required for new systems to (a) certificate the room / system, and (b) to certify that the design concentration is reached in the first instance as excessive leakage may be so great as to lose the design concentration during the release period itself.

Testing is required annually to re-certify the room and the gas suppression performance.

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