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Gas Detection

Phoenix Alarms & Safety Services can offer a comprehensive range of fixed gas detection systems. Ranges include Safe area only fixed gas detection equipment all the way to ATEX Zone Zero equipment. Our fixed detection systems can include; battery backup options ensuring your employees and infrastructure will be safe even if there is a power failure, data logging software enabling fault diagnostics and peak reading analysis and sounders/beacons to ensure any alarm alerts everyone in the area at risk. We can help you every step of the way with system design, equipment supply, installation, commissioning and ongoing maintenance and calibration.

Our fixed systems utilise a range of sensors using a variety of technologies including; Infra Red, Electrochemical, Pellistor and Semiconductor. Due to this large range of sensor technology we are able to find solutions to even the most challenging of gas detection applications.

We can also offer portable gas detection equipment, for those times that a fixed system is not required, or as a ‘stop gap’ before the installation of a fixed system. With all our portables being ATEX rated, they act as a perfect complement to our fixed gas detection systems.


Feel free to 'contact us' to discuss your gas detection requirements. 


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